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Autumn in Grant Park (Set 4 of 4)

The gallery below contains the last of four sets of photos I took at Grant Park in Atlanta, on Sunday, November 11. Among these photos you will also find the rare Yellow Ribbon leaf, which I was surprised to find hidden within the foliage in the park.

The previous sets in this series are here:

Autumn in Grant Park (Set 1 of 4)

Autumn in Grant Park (Set 2 of 4)

Autumn in Grant Park (Set 3 of 4)

What’s next? Well, it’s that time of year when I brave the sixty degree temperatures, head into the woods with an axe and my trusty hound, and chop us down a Christmas tree (read: pull the tree out of the closet and reshape all the branches (not as easy as it sounds (takes half a damn day!))) to begin the holiday decorating frenzy. So you can soon expect a virtually endless (!!) number of photos of decorating in progress, including dust clouds of glitter, piles of flashy self-tangling Christmas lights, and closeups and macros and more closeups and macros of ornaments. Stay tuned!

Select the first image to begin a slideshow; enjoy the photos, thanks for visiting, and have a great Thanksgiving!


4 thoughts on “Autumn in Grant Park (Set 4 of 4)

    1. Ah, well, even people who do know a lot about plants and trees may not know about the very, very, very rare Yellow Ribbon tree. It’s so rare I wasn’t sure how many “very’s” to put in the previous sentence. You will likely not be able to find information about it even on the vast internets. Still, I’ll try to pull together some research and get back to you (don’t wait up).

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